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The HR Management app will keep you at the forefront of today’s people management strategies; including best practices, industry news and information about key HR sectors.

The HR Management App is packed with a ton of information for busy HR professionals on the go including exclusive featured content and up to the minute HR news headlines, videos and blogs. The App also includes the latest HR Job listings for the USA, UK, NZ, Australia and Canada plus information on featured industry providers.


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  • LinkedIn’s Head of Recruitment (Brendan Browne) recently wrote that there are two major hiring mistakes, he is only wrong because there are actually 6 major hiring mistakes!!” And all of the...

  • For years I have been telling management teams that over 60% of all resumes contain blatant untruths, which is a scary number in itself. It turns out that I have been misleading everyone as ...

  • The challenge for today’s business owners and executive leadership teams is to realize that they will never maximize their revenue and profit potential if they do not develop leaders at all ...

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are proving to be exciting for some and a concern for others, especially in the HR world where new technology has already started to automate processes a...

  • Here are five traits that CEO and Executive Chairman of ChapmanCG Matthew Chapman believes contribute to successful HR leaders. Over the last 15 years, I’ve tracked many Global HR Heads f...

  • If you find yourself wondering how to improve your leadership this year, you might want to take the no-buzzwords approach. Let me explain. Over the holidays, I took stock of 2016 and trie...

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